Frank Nettekoven From Germany 17.07.2014
I really like the way and love you treat the horses. Thought I`m novice rider I have some lessons in the stables. Instructors here are perfect and I got a perfect theoretical and practical background. Also I had the perfect organisation.
Recommended route: Weekend riding school
G.Herzog and L.Bock From Germany 17.07.2014
Empfehlenswert :)
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park
Rogger Wassmer and Susan Marty From Switzerland 17.07.2014
Best organisation! :) Lovely horses and people too. Changing of the blanket under the saddle after the picnic break it`s very important and good idea. The food in the hotel is absolutely delicious and the fresh salad in picnic too. Evija show us the best places in Latvia, typical lakes, animals and endless forest. She is really nice handling the horse and riding. She had always a smile in her Face :) Thanks thousand!
Recommended route: Through forests and beaches of Adazi
Hisako Inoue From Japan 27.03.2014
I had a great time here. Everything here was great! If I must choose one thing, the horses. They are well trained, friendly and loyal. Altough I hadn`t ridden on a horse for a long time, thanks to the trainer and other staff I was be able to get used to riding and also to my horse easily. This is the best way to spend weekends in Latvia! Thank you very much, and I hope we can meet again soon.
Recommended route: Weekend riding school
Yuki Mansfield From Japan 27.03.2014
I really enjoyed. It was really hard (the training) but it was a very interesting and good experience! Also the hotel was nice and other things to do like Open air museum. I would love to come again in a different season. Also the cost was very good. The people working... I could tell from their face that they love the animals. Thank you so much. Forest walking on a horseback I like the most. If my friend from Japan or other will come, I will introduce this place!
Recommended route: Weekend riding school
Mireia Pons From Barcelona, Spain 20.08.2013
The best I liked the feeling that I did it! And to spend so much time with horses. Also enjoyed the nature a lot, it is magnific. It was the first time I decided to do a trail ride and it was very hard, but really good, and the sensation of having done it is amazing. The nature you have is a gift and I feel lucky to have seen it.
Recommended route: Through the rivers of Gauja National Park
Sabina Pierre From France 20.08.2013
Ce sejour n’ a permis d’effectuer de três belles randonnées équestres. Le parc est vaste et nous permet d’effectuer de belles randonnées loin des routes et des villes. L’interêt de Richards et Liva pour la nature et leur travail se ressent. La satisfaction client est três important pour eux ete ils savent s’adapter aux clients et aux differéntes situations.
Recommended route: Through the rivers of Gauja National Park
Hubert Rafin From France 19.08.2013
Encore un grand merci pour cette très agréable et belle randonnée familiale et amicale... en plus le groupe de cavalières était très sympas. Charme et gentillesse sont les deux mots avec lesquels je pourrais résumer ce petit voyage au bord de mer et le long de la rivière Gauja !!! Je mesure combien nous avons eu de chance de visiter la campagne Lettone, même avec Monster !!!! encadrée d'une équipe aussi sympathique et dévouée, même avec Lady Rambo !!!! je ne perds pas mon sens de l'humour en écrivant non plus !!! Je sais combien vous vous êtes investis dans ce superbe voyage pour nous faire tant plaisir.... je dirais même trop plaisir (sérieux) Surtout toi LIVA qui était de tout les fronts : Guide, Intendante, Interprètre, Cuisinière, Taxi, Hôtesse, Business Woman, et maman en même temps, etc, etc......
Recommended route: Through the rivers of Gauja National Park
Minna Turunen From Finland 13.08.2013
I really liked the friendly atmosphere, good horses which were treated very well, opinions and demands of clients were very well taken into consideration. Riding day on the beach was EXCELLENT, riding leader was very clear and nice.
Recommended route: Through forests and beaches of Adazi
Sari Ylipulli From Finland 13.08.2013
I liked AdventureRide staff. Riding on the beach and near the lakes was really nice.
Recommended route: Through forests and beaches of Adazi